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Changes to marijuana prosecution

Though out the DFW metroplex, changes are being made to the arrest and prosecution of marijuana cases. Just recently, Tarrant County has made it known that they are looking at no longer clogging up the dockets with marijuana possession cases. Dallas has already been dismissing possession cases unless they are connected to another offense such as unlawful carrying of a weapon, theft, or DWI.

The problem going forward is the police departments. The police and DA are separate so the choice to stop arresting for marijuana will be within the purvey of each individual police department. This means that regardless of whether your case is ultimately dismissed or not filed against you, you can still be arrested for the offense depending on the agency. So you may still need to contact a defense attorney in order to monitor the court dockets for your case or prepare expunction paperwork after the statute of limitations has passed.

Here at Law Offices of Shannon Edwards, we offer low cost marijuana representation. If you are arrested, do not assume that means you will benefit from the changes at the county level. For a low fee, we will continue to monitor the court system for your case through the entire statute of limitations and then provide you with the necessary paperwork for you to file for an expunction.

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