When "It happens" we can help. Free phone consultation. Make the call today: 972-559-4548

When "It Happens" we can help. We will be happy to discuss your situation. The phone consultation is free so make the call today: 972-559-4548

How does my free phone consultation work?

Questions answered by Attorney Shannon Edwards - ShannonEdwardsLaw.com

First you will need to contact our office and discuss your situation with Shannon's Legal Assistant. You can either call now or send us a message with your contact information and when would be the best time to call you.

She will ask you about the circumstance related to your arrest and go over the costs and payment plan options with you. She will answer all of your questions that she can. She isn't a Lawyer so the more technical legal questions will have to be answered by Shannon. When you call Shannon may be in court or with another client so it may not be possible for you to talk to her at that time. In that case she will arrange for your free consultation call with Shannon.