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What happens to my Texas driver’s license if I'm charged with a DWI?

Your license will be taken by the arresting officer and a temporary license will be issued for a limited time (40 days). Further, if you or one of your attorneys do not ask for an Administrative Licensing hearing within fifteen days of the arrest, and you do not have a Texas driver’s license, then the license will be made invalid in the state of issue. If an Administrative Licensing Revocation Program (ALR) hearing is not requested or this hearing is lost, on a first DWI charge, a suspension of three months will be placed on your license. If you have refused the requests of the police for sobriety tests your license will be suspended for at least 6 months. It is of crucial importance that the ALR is contacted within fifteen days of the arrest by either an attorney or the defendant. If this is not processed in the correct manner a suspension will come into effect 40 days after the arrest.