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Criminal Defense You Can Trust

You need an aggressive Criminal Defense Attorney who you trust to fight for the best outcome possible for your situation. Shannon's experience with the Collin County District Attorneys Office gives her a unique advantage when working with the prosecution. She knows what their agenda is because her agenda use to be their agenda. Attorney Shannon Edwards will tirelessly pursue your agenda to insure that your rights are protected and that you receive the best outcome possible.

Every case is different because the circumstance and evidence is different. During your free consultation Shannon will discuss your case with you and after reviewing the evidence advise you of your best course of action. After "you decide" what action plan to pursue she will aggressively put that plan into action to get the best possible outcome for you.

Defense You Can Trust - ShannonEdwardsLaw.com
  • "Shannon Edwards was my lawyer on my DWI charges. From the very first meeting where she came to my location to discuss my case she impressed me in her approach toward me and my situation. The first thing she said to me as she examined my arrest paperwork was she thought it could be dismissed for failure to follow rules for my stoppage. That gave me hope where everyone else thought I didn't have a chance to win it. If never had DWI charges then you are in for a conviction on the spot plus all the money charges that go with. We are talking about upwards to $15,000 plus 3 years of probation and 3 years $1000 per year for driving permit. Shannon got my charges dropped in front of a stunned District Judge, two Assistant DA and all in that court including me. Throughout that court case Ms Edwards keep a positive attitude and instructed the District Judge why a motion made by the lead DA was not valid. The Judge had to take time to look it up and had to conclude that Shannon was right. That was so impressive and the motion was dropped and I was free to remove my breathalyzer and all charges were dropped. If you are looking for a attorney that know the DWI laws you can't go wrong with hiring Shannon Edwards. Winning that DWI case was one of the happiest moment in my life and saved me a ton of money and trouble that goes with it. Hire Shannon Edwards to help you win your case." - Don, Dallas County
  • "The fee she quoted never changed and I never received a bill with hidden costs, she was very honest and upfront throughout the process" - Jennifer, Collin County
  • "I couldn't have gotten a better result without her" - Mike, Dallas County
  • "Even though it seemed the whole court was against me, she never backed down and got me a not guilty verdict" - Shawn, Collin County
  • "I was afraid of my felony DWI but she fought for probation for me" - Jesus, Dallas County
  • "She worked with me with a payment plan and was always there to help when I needed it" - Linda, Tarrant County
  • "I couldn't have asked for a better attorney to fight for me" - Marco, Ellis County
  • "She never stopped working for my defense even when the odds were against me and got me a not guilty verdict" - Eric, Collin County DWI