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Proven Expertise in Criminal Law and Defense

Attorney Shannon Edwards graduated from Thomas Jefferson School of Law in 2007 and moved back to Texas to begin her legal career in 2008. She began as an Assistant District Attorney in Collin County. Over the next three years, she tried upwards of one hundred trials and motions before both misdemeanor, felony, and even Justice of the Peace judges.

She took that trial experience out to her own defense practice in 2011 and opened her own firm in 2012. The Law Offices of Shannon Edwards has successfully represented and defended individuals at every level of the criminal justice system. In 2022, Shannon Edwards was admitted to the Northern District Court and is currently eligible to represent federal criminal cases as well.

Shannon Edwards has always worked to ensure that the system remains fair. No matter the offense, the history, or the guilt or innocence of any individual, the system must remain fair and impartial, and the State must be held to the highest standard of proof. Every citizen deserves someone that will fight to ensure their rights are protected and they are subject to nothing but fair and equitable justice for their facts and circumstances.